The Stone Carving Studio - Short Courses and Weekly Classes
Stone Carving with Kate Semple

Part-time day, evening and weekend courses in stone carving for all abilities.

Situated in a small rural industrial park on top of a hill in East Somerset, the Stone Carving Studio offers classes within a professional working environment.

Come and join full-time sculptor Kate Semple at her busy workshop, and enjoy exploring the timeless art of stone carving. Her courses are open to all ages and abilities, and her wealth of experience means she can guide you through a project however simple or complicated.

01373 301790

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stone carving course
Weekly: 3 classes a week and 3 terms throughout the year. A simple project or something more advanced, Kate will guide you through the steps of creating your own work of art.
Short Courses: A more intensive introduction into the skills of stone carving.
stone carving course
Stone carving and sculpture can be taught with great success to people of almost any age and ability. The professional reputation and popularity of Kate’s mobile stone carving and sculpture studio demonstrates this with consistently high quality results.
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